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Pittsburgh: it’s always 5 o’clock everywhere, unless it’s time for brunch. Fortunately for us, Artisan Cafe, Caffe d’Amore, and Wigle Whiskey have joined forces to produce two new warm weather cocktails based around locally sourced spirits and ingredients. With vibrant notes of coffee, citrus, and rhubarb, each recipe is a totally refreshing way to spend less than $50 the next time you’re the host behind the shaker.

wake the dead
Tyler Bryan’s coffee-based drinks have turned heads across Pittsburgh for nearly a decade. After trying his take on a whiskey sunrise (with a boost of caffeine) called Wake the Dead, a few months ago in Garfield, we asked Tyler to whip up a batch for our readers.


Combine ingredients, shake, top with a dash of cinnamon.

strawberry rhubarb shrub

Sarah Walsh, dubbed “Shrub Queen of Pittsburgh”, has something special for you. Her locally sourced and house-made shrub mixes are flying off the shelves. After a tasting at her coffee shop we decided to share her Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub with the masses. You’re welcome.


Combine ingredients, shake, garnish with two slices of fresh strawberries.