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Cameron Nino and Ruby Jay Team Up for Shelter Animals

Cameron Nino & Ruby Jay

Cameron Nino collaborates with singer, Ruby Jay and pet adoption advocates, Nail and Bone and, Diety Animal Rescue and Foundation, to create video and musical cover of Pink’s, What About Us? to raise awareness for pet adoption.

By: Ray Gibbons


Last summer, Steel This Magazine profiled Cameron Nino, lead singer and lead guitar player of Seventh Nova, as a preview for a summertime engagement he had booked in Schenley Park. A West Coast native, much of his family hails from Pittsburgh, and when he was hired as part of the CitiParks concert series a few months ago, we couldn’t wait to see the 13-year-old rocker in action. Recently, we caught up with Nino to talk about his ongoing musical projects. We were happy to hear he’s teamed up with a fast up and comer in the California music industry, eleven-year-old, Ruby Jay, to bring awareness to the need for pet adoption from kill-only shelters in Los Angeles.


“One day we got a call from Melissa Bowden of Nail and Bone. She asked if we could produce a remake of Pink’s hit song, What About Us? She told us that Ruby Jay was gonna be involved, and that Ruby would do the vocals if my band, Seventh Nova would produce the remake,” said Nino.


“We had a lot of fun. We came up with some new ad-on’s to the music together,” said Ruby Jay.


The project was put together by Nail and Bone, a nail polish company that supports animal adoption with a percentage of their proceeds, according to their website. Together with Pittsburgh native, Ellen Ballon Dante, founder of non-profit Diety Animal Rescue and Foundation, the partners at Nail and Bone worked with Nino, Ruby Jay, and Seventh Nova to create the video.



“It was a really great experience, she [Ruby Jay] has a great personality. She’s a lot of fun to work with and has a great voice on top of it, so it was a great experience all around,” said Nino.


Keep an eye out for new material from Nino and Seventh Nova this Spring.


“This winter I’m going to work on creating some new music, finishing up other songs I’m working on in the studio, and performing some of them in front of new people I don’t know,” said Nino.